On June 25th we had the privilege to attend and also be a vendor at Power of Purity Conference. It was located at the Murrieta Hot Springs Conference Center. It was hosted by On The Edge and I am Royalty. We were able to meet a lot of youth as well as adults. It was definitely an honor being there. It brought a realization to the youth what kind of world we really live in. It also taught the greatest love story and fight story that was every told and that will ever be told. It’s a story of how the Lord as the bridegroom fought for His bride (the church) on the cross. It was on the cross that He fought for her freedom, fought so that she could be free from sin, fought so that she could be made whole again in His nail pierced hands, and fought so that she could be crowned with an eternal crown as His beloved. On the cross the King of the universe pursued the heart of His bride, and made her story of brokenness beautiful. The truth is, we each have a love story with God. A love story that began the day we gave our heart to Him, and will end the day we meet Him face to face. In our love story we have with God, He is the rider on the white horse who defeated the greatest villain of all time ; Satan, so that we could have a happily ever after ending with Him in Heaven. You can visit their website at http://www.iamroyaltyministry.com/power-of-purity-conference-2016.html