Last month we had a please working with and donating caps to Urbanlife. They exists to see transformed people transform out neighborhoods through Christian community development initiatives and vibrant missional communities that love God, neighbor, and ‘hood. They believe that the youth of our ‘hoods have a massive potential to become world changing leaders so they invest most of their time and resources into them. One of the ways they do that is through a weekly outreach to the high schools in their neighborhood. Each week 30-40 students from Crawford high school come to their City Heights campus and enjoy a fresh cooked meal, games and small group bible studies that help students learn who God is and how he loves them and is calling them to follow and obey him. Each year they do a 3 week series where they go through the gospel, first night is sin, second is the cross and lastly resurrection. For students who attend all 3 they receive a gift, this year we were able to offer customized Dad hats for their students. It was great because students we’re able to help in the design process and we’re super excited with the outcome.

If you need some custom hats for your missionary please don’t hesitate to ask!!!


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